Whatsapp change Privacy Policy to use it for facebook


Whatsapp change Privacy Policy to share your Personal Information with Facebook.

Whatsapp change Privacy PolicyWhatsapp change Privacy Policy while previously the company policy was not to share chats and other info with Facebook.
According to reports, the UK’s Information Commissioner (ICO) is looking into WhatsApp decision to share more data with Facebook (remember now Facebook bought Whatsapp). ICO primary purpose is to ensure that companies remain transparent. With the public about how their personal data is being shared and protecting consumers by making sure the law is being followed. Any organization that breaks the Data Protection Act can be fined up to £500,000 by the ICO.
Revealed in Whatsapp blog, they said more data would let it provide suggestions in Facebook to whom the users should connect with (Friend suggestions) and will be used to help ad targeting on Facebook. This policy change could help them fight Spam better.

New features to introduce in WhatsApp are advertisements within the app. Let’s see how it goes with the consumers whether they like this or will want service that had remained ad-free before.The Company also provide instructions for the people who did not want their data to be shared. Let’s see how long they offer this opt-out before updating their terms and conditions again exchange information with Facebook openly. 

How to stop Facebook from getting your information via WhatsApp.

Whatsapp change Privacy Policy
  • If you recently updated Whatsapp, you will be shown the terms and conditions message instantly.
  • Tap on Read then scrolls down through the terms and conditions page.
  • You need to uncheck this ‘Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and products experiences. Your private Chats and Phone Number will not be shared with Facebook’.

What to do if you already agreed to the New Terms and Conditions?       

  •  Within the app go to settings. Tap on Account then unchecks ‘Share my account info.’

There is a limit to this. You can only do this within 30 days of accepting the new terms and conditions. 
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