Apple iPhone 7 or 6SE whats the big update?


Apple iPhone 7 or 6SE what’s the big update?

With just a couple of days to go until we expect to lay eyes on the new Apple iPhone 7. A new speculation is circulating new photos showing the Apple iPhone 6SE this week though their legitimacy is doubtful.

Some New stories appear which suggests that next lineup of iPhones could include three different models. A 4.7-inch model and plus model that will be 5.5-inches and a pro model that will be either larger than 5.5-inches and equipped with a screen curved on both sides; as similar to the one used by Samsung for its premium phones, such as the SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Edge.

Reports predicted that Apple would switch to OLED displays in 2018 so let’s see how it goes.


Apple iPhone 7

Apple Expected to officially announce the iPhone 7 during the first week of September, with a retail release following on September 16th or 23rd.

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